Words about you….

It’s POETRY when it comes to feeling
LOVE if I think About life and beauty
HARD WORK for your nature, your goal to reach
FORTISSIMO, When I laugh in your arms
STRENGHT when I’m about to be awakened
MUSIC as the sweetiest and purest emotion when I Hear your voice
W.B the name I’ll answer If they somehow dare asking me about the one I Truely love…


Those 4 strings…


When I think about the reasons I smile, the fact that I’m just me, just one thing I’ve just found out. My baby, my violin like no other made me that happy, joyful resplenishing. My fairy tale is behind that wood. I’ve met my first love thanks to my violin, my best friends are who that share wonderful melodies with me. The one I love is just the one I wanna make those 4 strings sound for. My first sweet emotion was due to that instrument. If live perharps is music, I couldn’t b more than that alive all days.

           Once upon a time, for the fist time I”ve seen a man filled with beautiful melodies, sounded like no one did before. Oh my Gosh he was the one whom passion, could not only wear a P as piano but ff for a beautiful fortissimo. And that’s where I’ve found all this motivation, this passion