Yay loveeee

Yay loveeee

Being Perfect it’s knowing how perfect things are not alone but how perfect a couple can make them trought together forever


Hospitality and tourism management school(Ecole hôtelière d’Haiti)

Haiti is taking off( Haiti ap dekole) that’s what u may hear in news or if you are somehow interessed,near or far of what’s involving in those 27750 land field. Invest in tourism is a great point for some economists in poor countries developpement. That’s what happened in the Carribean.Haiti has just a great possibility if it tries that source of developpement.

Why having such a school of hospitality and tourism?? that’s what may first come out?? But if we’re new to that level, we must cover all standards of that option.Good is enough but better is better than enough… We have now a Best Western Hotel, sooner a Marriott one.We must obay to  that special point, hit all special scores…

I’m proud to be in that school, learning this option, take part  of the developpement of my country, what you will never know if you’ll never come in…