The bulldog’s innest achievement

I wish my heart can abuse my veins so they can write in place of my hands that are applausing the success of what took all the courage of an ordinary person, my beautiful human,a life time. I know now why my mom says that my generation is so different than hers. Everything has been in order by her time but for us,the youngest,we take our time to put things in order, where they should be,how they should be and by us shall we…

When four years ago, I remember that lost face that wanted to do things properly and finally for someone that seemed lost I find myself in every corner all of his deviated paths not because he is but just because he’s more than this, more than a smile drawn on a winning face,he’s just the face that all my smiles shine through…

Dear K.A,
You’re the best human ever! Gosh that I’m proud of you, proud of how different you are from others.Now that in that orange glowing moment,the friends we are are celebrating the success of what you have shown the world your worth of. I wish I could have been there, with you and for you…


The Image Of Love

The Better Man Project ™

image of love

Someone asked me the other day, “What would the image of love look like to you?”

I guess I’ve never thought about the image of love. What that would look like…the colors, the shades, the shape of it. Most people would probably say it looks something like a heart. But not to me, not to this mind.

The image of love looks like a bird to me. This next sentence I’m about to write out is probably one of the closest things I will ever have held to my heart.

You must hold the people you love with open palms, so they are free to fly away from you, and in time, if it’s right, they will come back. 

I’ve had one very very very strange and yet amazing year. For the people who are just entering into my life, or who are just starting to get to know me…

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