The way you are

It’s like a beautiful short poetry like this:
The more natural life is with its beauty
That alive a smile might be
And for what Im already ready
To protect,to cherish,to love,to adore,to die,for u completely


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But inspiration comes from the soul and when the Muse isn’t around even the best exposure meter is very little help. In their biographies, artists like Michelangelo, da Vinci and Bach said that their most valuable technique was their ability to inspire themselves. This is true of all artists; the moment there is something to say, there becomes a way to say it.~Ralph Gibson

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Hospitality and tourism management school(Ecole hôtelière d’Haiti)

Haiti is taking off( Haiti ap dekole) that’s what u may hear in news or if you are somehow interessed,near or far of what’s involving in those 27750 land field. Invest in tourism is a great point for some economists in poor countries developpement. That’s what happened in the Carribean.Haiti has just a great possibility if it tries that source of developpement.

Why having such a school of hospitality and tourism?? that’s what may first come out?? But if we’re new to that level, we must cover all standards of that option.Good is enough but better is better than enough… We have now a Best Western Hotel, sooner a Marriott one.We must obay to  that special point, hit all special scores…

I’m proud to be in that school, learning this option, take part  of the developpement of my country, what you will never know if you’ll never come in…

Words about you….

It’s POETRY when it comes to feeling
LOVE if I think About life and beauty
HARD WORK for your nature, your goal to reach
FORTISSIMO, When I laugh in your arms
STRENGHT when I’m about to be awakened
MUSIC as the sweetiest and purest emotion when I Hear your voice
W.B the name I’ll answer If they somehow dare asking me about the one I Truely love…

Those 4 strings…


When I think about the reasons I smile, the fact that I’m just me, just one thing I’ve just found out. My baby, my violin like no other made me that happy, joyful resplenishing. My fairy tale is behind that wood. I’ve met my first love thanks to my violin, my best friends are who that share wonderful melodies with me. The one I love is just the one I wanna make those 4 strings sound for. My first sweet emotion was due to that instrument. If live perharps is music, I couldn’t b more than that alive all days.

           Once upon a time, for the fist time I”ve seen a man filled with beautiful melodies, sounded like no one did before. Oh my Gosh he was the one whom passion, could not only wear a P as piano but ff for a beautiful fortissimo. And that’s where I’ve found all this motivation, this passion

When in Haiti…

If some of you do live, they there just exist… In that 27750 field of desire to be finally free, free of that kind of misery. It’s also over 9 millions faces where culture expresses itself through shades, tourism, yanvalou, through the pure voice of a “Madan-Sara”, the sound of the ocean breeze. Every sound that has just came out reveal the deepest thought of a 22 years old girl that has just grown up there and saw what eyes could see but just only soul and mind could reach.


Ceux avant moi et même bien avant ma mère disaient que la vie en elle-même est un long voyage, donc on est à coup sûr “touriste”. C’est ici ma boussole 🙂 On le dit facteur de développement économique des pays pauvres, certes mais c’est encore le coté humain de tout un chacun. Hors mis que l’Haitien en lui même est hospitalier, dans sa culture, dans son acceuil. C’est là l’EXPÉRIENCE, chez un parent dans la campagne, partout, et ou à travers cette terre de 8000000 de sourires, d’âmes chaleureuses, de corps solidifiés par le courage. 24 heures hors des 4 murs de ma chambre. M t la… M t wè… c’est donc cette passion qu’il faut aux techniciens de ce domaine, ce manque d’amour à pouvoir servir l’autre devient ce plus grand Amour qu’on n’saurait arracher à l’autre, du directeur d’hôtel à la femme de chambre, cette tasse de bonne humeur avec un, deux sourires au service de l’autre. Définitivement, être ailleurs, pas comme chez soi, mieux que chez soi, sa ke w pap janm konnen tout autant ke ou pa la.