Reach her soul, it takes love…

why do we think other people never want us to read their mind?
How God we will be to do so… How unsweetened whispering will be… What keeps us alive, till it changes is the little mystery hidden in every faces we meet, that fear of how best we can have from others, how deep we can dig to grab their potential strenght to help them go through. When all of their passions die too soon,to be here, to be you, to be the one to light their flame.
Can’t we still read their mind, if we are not even able to write properly what our own mind spells out?
It’s like you always listen to a song and all you get from it, it’s just a word… Your word against the author’s feeling. How often we fell in love with the unexpected,the kind that defeats us. The kind of what you and I are afraid of. We couldn’t have been more human without falling, get hurt, being rejected and everything about what others may think about us.
Whenever we try to know what exactly is in your surrounding’s mind, all you can get back it’s loosing what takes you so much to get there,TRUST and FAITH. Reach their soul,it takes Love, reach their mind,it takes time… Choice is all yours!!


Words about you….

It’s POETRY when it comes to feeling
LOVE if I think About life and beauty
HARD WORK for your nature, your goal to reach
FORTISSIMO, When I laugh in your arms
STRENGHT when I’m about to be awakened
MUSIC as the sweetiest and purest emotion when I Hear your voice
W.B the name I’ll answer If they somehow dare asking me about the one I Truely love…